Inspiration Software (Version 8)

What is Inspiration?  Inspiration Software® facilitates visual thinking and learning. The software is a great tool for teaching kids how to think, brainstorm, organize, analyze and write.

You can try out a trial of the software at:  PLEASE NOTE: Version 9 of the software has now been released. We are teaching you about Version 8. There have been some changes to Version 9 (ie. presentation aspect) but many things remain the same.

Can I use it with my SMARTBoard? Everytime I have used Inspiration when connected to a SMARTBoard it has asked me if I want Stylus Mode upon start up. If that doesn't happen for you, go to Utility/Preferences and click on to Stylus mode. Inspiration will recognize several basic shapes when drawn with the stylus. If you circle items with the stylus, they become selected and you can change the properties of the items selected (or circled). See the tutorial - - scroll down to the Interactive Whiteboard Support under the OVERVEIW section at the bottom.

It will also recognize handwriting. You can also change the tool bar to locate at the bottom so that kids can reach the tool bar when projected on a large screen.

LaughingTemplates: Templates are available in Inspiration on its Starter Screen (see screen shot). Once in the template area, you can opt to search online for more templates by selecting BROWSE at the bottom of the template screen.

You must have Inspiration installed on your computer to use any of these templates.

Under the Learn to Use option, there are additional resources to help get you started.

If you would like to have a look at Resources to Help You Integrate Inspiration Across the Curriculum, there are some resources on the Inspiration Website. You will find lesson plan books and samples, related technologies, connections to text books, as well as archived webcasts and videos that can give you a good idea of how this software can be integrated across the curriculum.

Suggestions for Using Inspiration in the Classroom: This handout suggests templates that can be used across the curriculum and how you might consider using them.

Inspiration and Kidspiration - Templates and Ideas

SAMPLE FILES for Inspiration Presentation and Exploration

INSPIRATION_SOFTWARE.doc- One Hour Presentation and Exploration - handout from OLC. If you would like the support document for how you Transfer the Inspiration content to WORD and save it in a version that will open on all school machines, please click here - transferring2word.doc.

Sample MP3 Files available at Freeplay Music. Here are a few you can try without having to search the Freeplay website.
Clear_20.mp3; Oh_De_Doo_Dah_20.mp3; or Nightwalk_20.mp3

Sample .MOV File - Ccc.mpeg 

Go to and find a sound file you want, right click to SAVE AS to your desktop.

To search Creative Commons for copyright free items, go to:




Inspiration - Family Tree Project

Family Tree Project Using Inspiration

Download the sample family tree ZIP file here. This includes the Inspiration file (see screen shot) and several pictures of people to use in the creation of a sample family tree.

Open up a new diagram and have students list off all of the members of their families that they will be including in their web. Do this without rapid fire because they can create links later to represent family relationships. Simply have them click on the canvas in a new spot and type a name. Repeat until all family members appear on canvas. Now have students arrange the family members into family groupings. See the screen shot as an example.


Once everyone is in the correct position, students can click on the the person they want to link to someone else. Once their "bubble" is selected, they can click on create link and then click on the "bubble" they want to link to. The link arrow should be placed between the two bubbles. Arrow direction can be changed using the icon at the bottom. If you click on a link line, in the middle of the line you can type the relationship between the two people.

To insert pictures of specific people that the students may have, select EDIT and then INSERT GRAPHIC. Browse to where the file you want is saved. Once the file inserts, you can click on it to resize it to the size you need. You can also click on the image and type in a name below the image.