Calendar on your Blog


Here is the calendar I created at - it is linked off the right hand sidebar or click belew to see it.

I like the MASHING option of the above calendar. You can mash your calendar with photos you have taken throughout the year and it merges the photos into the calendar for you.

(Mashing - adding any RSS feed to your calendar -

A calendar for teachers ONLY 

Very similar to the one above but for teachers use only. All personal calendars will be deleted without notice.



Jing Project

Capture what you see on your computer screen! This is a great tool for making little movies of what the kids need to do when at the computer or show them what you mean and have them go on their way to do the work. You could make mini lessons/movies for various tasks so that all kids have access to the instructions WHEN they need them!!

I'll make a quick sample and load it below in the next few days. NOTE: You do need to download JING - so you may need the help of a tech person in the SPS system to do that for you!


Brainstorming/Organizing - Online Tools


This is a very cool EASY tool to use. I can see it being used by kids working in groups on major projects to mind map their ideas prior to beginning the project or as a teacher - planning a unit of study and having this map for all the kids to see the connections and to add and buil on them as the learning progresses.

 Here is a short training video if you need it:

The following grpahic was made by simply typing in some ideas. It made the idea on the same level the same colours and when I added levels - it made them different colours to illustrate that. I exported to a jpeg file so that I could use the brainstorming map in my blog post. Imagine the power of student thinking that could be harnessed this way - and - the visual you would get in student work of what's really going on inside their minds!!

defaultYou can web for vocabulary or to better understand the traits of a character. You can web for spelling words or setting as mood. You can print off, white out some aspects and you the web as a review tool.





To access an online Venn Diagram generator please go to:


What's the Big Deal About Graphic Organizers? (PDF)

Online Webbing Tool -

List of Graphic Organizers:

Different Types of Graphic Organizers -

So many Graphic Organizers from HOLT - ready to print and each has a teaching lesson that goes along with it!!

This tool is one that has some pretty cool applications.

*converts web urls into audio files (pretty good robot voice). You could add a audio file for some blog posts that your kids might find hard to read....

*converts documents into audio files - kids could use this tool as well!

*converts a string of text into an audio file

Consider using this tool once during this course just to give it a whirl. Think about the possabilities for ESL students, students with learning disabilities, students who can write but are afraid to speak.... could it open a door? Could it make learning more exciting? Does it have some possabilities that you can see? Think about the audiotry learners out there :)

defaultHERE IS AN EXAMPLE : christmas.mp3.....It was Christmas morning and I was quite excited. I wondered what might be waiting for me under the beautiful Christmas tree. I had told my mother I did not believe in Santa anymore. She seemed sad about that. She told me that Santa was more than a man in a red suit. She explained that he was about the spirit of giving, helping others and spending time with people you love. As I crept down to the tree i was shocked to see a fat man in a red suit bending over by where the stockings lay.